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What next after celebrating our Lord’s resurrection?

For us Christians, Eastertide is to live with the joyful spirit and conviction of the resurrection of Jesus. It is to have that hope against all odds, to trust in the power of the resurrection, and to glorify the Lord in all that we encounter.

What next after celebrating our Lord’s resurrection?2019-08-21T12:08:51+08:00

Advent: Renewing our relationship with Jesus

Advent is not a season of making resolutions as we would for the beginning of a calendar year, but it is about watching and guarding our hearts for Jesus.

Advent: Renewing our relationship with Jesus2019-08-21T16:41:02+08:00

Pentecost – the birthday of the Church

Pentecost is considered the birthday of the Church – Peter, the first Pope, preaches for the first time and converts thousands of new believers.

Pentecost – the birthday of the Church2019-08-21T15:39:22+08:00

Preparing for The Twilight Years

Have I lived life to the fullest? Have I accomplished enough? Did I achieve my goals? Have I been able to leave my legacy behind? Should the answer to these questions be a shrug of the shoulders or a plain and simple “no”, then finding purpose in the latter stages of life may prove challenging.

Preparing for The Twilight Years2019-08-21T17:34:41+08:00

The Gift of The Rosary

Apart from the Mass, the rosary is perhaps the most wellknown Catholic prayer. We pray the rosary while waiting for Mass to begin, when we are travelling, when we pray together as a family or neighbourhood group and when we gather at a funeral wake.

The Gift of The Rosary2019-08-21T16:11:23+08:00

National Day Message 2019

Today, we celebrate Singapore’s 53rd National Day. To celebrate National Day is to celebrate nation-building, which is the work and participation of every citizen. How often do we take our nation for granted, just as many of us take our family for granted, and Church as well!

National Day Message 20192019-08-22T17:07:23+08:00

One Identity

In the previous article, we highlighted an extract from The Catholic Conversation Report 2017 - Do Catholics in Singapore have an Identity Crisis? This time, Clara from one of the Office of Young People (OYP) working adult communities shares how she strives to place all the areas of her life under the Lordship of [...]

One Identity2019-08-07T18:35:18+08:00

JUL 2019 – Chancery Notice Extracts

CHN/CN/2019/012The Chancery has released appointment notices for a number of Church Offices and Organisations within the Catholic Church in Singapore. Among them are:Fr Paul Staes CICM is reappointed to the board of CHARIS.Fr Edward Seah has been reappointed as Executive Director (Ad Interim) of Archdiocese Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS).Fr Jude David is appointed Assistant [...]

JUL 2019 – Chancery Notice Extracts2019-08-21T13:31:26+08:00

Do Catholics in Singapore have an Identity Crisis?

In all our interviews, we found that Catholics struggle with balancing three types identity constantly. The difficulty comes when one of these identities becomes more dominant than the other. Decisions are then made, influenced by the identity that bears the biggest weight. In this digital age, the youth of today face this balancing [...]

Do Catholics in Singapore have an Identity Crisis?2019-08-05T10:56:11+08:00

CatholicSG Conversation: The Reveal

We spoke to over 50 persons from 12 parishes and asked them a few questions. "How many more Catholics are there in Singapore each year?" "How many Catholic priests in Singapore are 60 years or older?" "How many Catholics in Singapore do you think attend mass every weekend?" #catholicSGconvo [...]

CatholicSG Conversation: The Reveal2019-07-19T10:59:36+08:00