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When Christmas Will Never Be The Same Again

The pain will always be there, I will miss him all my life. But the fact is that when Slim passed on, the sense of profound loss has mysteriously brought Bernard and me in close encounter with God. He is more real than ever before – and I now understand when they say ‘God is close to the brokenhearted’. God heals – that can only explain why the laughter and joy is slowly returning to our home.

When Christmas Will Never Be The Same Again2017-03-13T14:03:52+08:00

Bless The Little Children

Bless the Little Children is more than just a feeding project. It is an initiative of former street kids reaching out to the present street kids in the hope that they find purpose and joy in learning.

Bless The Little Children2017-03-13T14:04:51+08:00

God Is Possible

Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. I was given an opportunity just like that. If that was not by God’s mercy, I don’t know what it is.

God Is Possible2017-10-20T15:47:06+08:00

No Gift Is Too Small

The generosity of God is such that every time we think we are giving Him something, He usually wraps it up and gives it back to us.

No Gift Is Too Small2017-10-20T15:48:21+08:00

As I Am

A friend of mine put it beautifully: In Confession, we give our whole self to God, and in the Eucharist, He gives His whole self to us.

As I Am2017-10-20T15:49:49+08:00

Advent… Allowing Christ to Rest in Us

From the moment when the Christ-life is conceived in us, our life is intended for one thing – the expression of His love, His love for God and for the world.

Advent… Allowing Christ to Rest in Us2017-03-05T02:21:35+08:00

Drawn Back By Love

As I poured my heart out in confession, I felt enveloped by love, by a strong hug that didn’t want to let go of me. I knew I had come back into the arms of my Lord.

Drawn Back By Love2017-10-20T15:53:44+08:00

My Life as a Follower of Christ

As I grew more involved in ministry, I met many people and experienced so much happiness whenever I do things to glorify the Lord! I became more grateful for what I have rather than focusing on the things I want to have.

My Life as a Follower of Christ2017-10-20T15:55:43+08:00