Mass Practices: Holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer at Mass

The Church through the Congregation for Divine Worship has consistently taught that “holding hands during the Our Father has become common place, but it is an illicit addition to the Liturgy. Holding hands is a sign of intimacy and not reconciliation, and as such disrupts the flow of the Sacramental signs in the Mass which leads to the Sacramental sign of intimacy with Christ and our neighbour, Holy Communion.”

S.O.S. – Sick of Singleness

The ache of singleness is real. It can be painful when we have a desire for something good that seems just out of reach. Yet, letting the temptation of bitterness creep up on us will cause us to miss out on something else—namely, the gratitude, joy and opportunities that are present right now. The truth is: Wherever we are, whoever we are. God has a plan.

Why Relics

It’s a natural instinct to keep meaningful tokens. Anyone who has lost loved ones knows the impact of an old photo, a handwritten letter, or a crackling recorded message.

How to Fight Porn Addiction Like Saint Augustine

This is what breaking free from lust looks like: not just rejecting the pleasures of lust but embracing the greater pleasures of God. This is how St Augustine broke free from the chains and bondage of the sin of lust.

An infinite horizon beyond present pain

Belief in a good and faithful God is key to mental healing and recovery. Is faith important for mental health? Does faith play a role in the recovery process of someone who is suffering from mental issues?

The Challenge of Chastity in Marriage

Chastity in marriage is an ongoing experience of examining the heart and mind. It requires the continual weighing of the most hidden intentions, and highlights the crucial importance of owning one’s own commitment to chastity prior to saying “I do”. This personal foundation of chastity strengthens the marriage bond.

All are Called to Evangelise

Rev Msgr Ambrose Vaz taught what it means to evangelise. He spoke about the importance of not just being called, but also our response to the call.

Gender Theory and Loving Yourself

By rejecting the way in which we were created—male and female—and celebrating that rejection, we as a society are not celebrating our differences, but rather we celebrate a rejection of the human person and who we were made to be. We actually do the opposite of encouraging one another to love ourselves.

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