After the Sin, Whose Voice Do You Hear?

If you’ve fallen in your pursuit of purity, it’s important to know the difference between condemnation and conviction. While the former makes us feel worthless and shameful, conviction motivates us to hold fast to God's mercy and calls us to change.

Why Should Catholics Help The Poor?

A society that wants to develop healthily must practice the principle of solidarity. This principle tells us that we should take responsibility for each other and stand in solidarity with those who need help the most, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

Beauty in the Breakups

Feeling rejected by someone, whether we were dating that person or not, is a deep hurt which hits us right in the center of who we are. When this happens, we begin to harden ourselves and it becomes easy to stick to surface level relationships with others, even our closest friends. We believe that we need to always be independent and not burden others with our “feelings.” However, while isolation may keep out hurt, it will also keep out love.

A Pilgrimage to The Holy Land Brings Us Back to The Gospels

Pilgrimages have been in existence for as long as the Christian faith has been around, going as far back to the time of persecution. The earliest archaeological evidence of pilgrimages points to early visitors to the home of Mary in Nazareth and scratching an 'M” on the walls of the cave home.

The Sign of The Cross

Christians began to Cross themselves as early as 200 AD by tracing a small cross on their foreheads. Over time, variant practices emerged as Christians began making larger crosses over items and themselves.

Three Powerful Saints, One Common Mission

The birth of St John the Baptist highlights the importance of our role in preparing for Jesus in our lives. The Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul is a reminder of our missionary calling to witness to the truth.

Holy Thursday’s Washing of The Feet: An Act to Remind Us of Christ’s Boundless Love

At the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, the symbolic action of the washing of the feet (also called mandatum), contains many layers of significance. The principal and traditional meaning of the Holy Thursday mandatum is the biblical injunction of Christian charity: Christ’s disciples are to love one another, thus the mandatum ritualises this action of Christ.