The Catholic Guide to Lo Hei Yusheng

Chinese New Year is a time to come together as a family. A time where we strengthen relationships in our families, practise the values of filial piety while paying respects to our elders. A union of mind and hearts around the reunion table of plenty.

Why Baptism?

My dear friends, on this Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, I invite you to prayerfully consider if your life trajectory has taken a radical change because you have been overcome by the Word of God.

On Going Back to Work

Remembering the account of Genesis reveals our great dignity and responsibility in being workers after God’s own image. Despite the toil which taints our experience of work, Jesus’ labor at Nazareth and his tiresome way of the Cross not only save us but also make the suffering involved with work potentially very powerful.

What NOT To Say If You’re Single

Single people often tell stories. Sad, frustrating, neverending stories. Stories that aren’t true, that we who are single for who-knows-how-long or forever, ought not say to ourselves anymore.

New Year, New Me

After so many months of rushing from one place to another, one task to another, busying myself with all the demands placed on me, I was finally sitting still before the lover of my soul; the One who truly mattered to this heart of mine. I could finally come before someone and be honest: “I am tired. I can’t do this anymore.” I wanted to be able to look back on the year and see that I’m a better person than the one who started out. I was ready to be made new by His Spirit.

In Preparation for Christmas

What has the Lord revealed to you about faith, love, and hope this year? How do you think this will help you prepare your heart for Jesus this Christmas? In this article, 3 young adults from the Office of Young People (OYP) share with us their Advent reflections.

The Joy of Creating Nativity Scenes

Coming from a long Catholic tradition, nativity scenes are still present in many households, churches and public places in France today, in both miniature and life-size displays.

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