Carrying the Cross of Slander and False Accusation

Being wrongfully accused, whether out of malice or misunderstanding, can become an opportunity for Christians to grow in patience, charity, and trust in God's justice. We share in the suffering of Jesus Christ, who was arrested and executed on trumped-up charges.

Five Spiritual Habits

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many of us may be feeling a sense of loss about not having the Sacraments. Here are some tips of how we can continue to remain spiritually steadfast.

Stewards of the Earth

It may appear that the Church is simply adding to the many distressing calls for environmental responsibility and action. Is this the only thing our Catholic faith has to offer? Just another voice, too soft, too late, shouting to care for our Mother Earth? No, not at all.

Who We Are Inside

The more we live authentically as Christians, the more we change the world around us. Through her example and witness, Mulan changes her commander, who trusts her even though he rejected her existence earlier, and convinces the witch working with the villain to repent. By recognising and living out our identity as God’s children and disciples, we too can serve as an example and lead others to greater unity with Christ.

Saying Yes to Spiritual Discipline

Discipline is an important element in the call of Christ to us to be Catholic men of God. Jesus wants us to receive the greatest prize of all – eternal life. And so he warns us not to fall into the trap that the people of Noah’s time did. They did all the things we do today: eating, drinking, buying, selling, and getting married. There’s nothing wrong with any of these activities, of course. But the problem was that in all their busyness, there was little or no room for God.

Catholic Education in the New Normal

These are unprecedented times and the world, as we know it, will no longer be the same. The effect of the pandemic on the global community is far-reaching and long-lasting. We have all had to change the way we work, learn, and play, and we will continue to adjust and adapt as the situation evolves. 

God, Why the Long Wait?!

Although many of us find the waiting time frustrating and pointless, this period of waiting can help us mature in our faith and grow in virtue. Use this time to draw closer to God by entering more deeply into prayer. When you become frustrated, ask God what He may be calling you do at this very moment and then, listen.

A Saint of Darkness

Recently in a conversation with a friend, I was reminded of the words of Greek poet and philosopher, Nikos Kazantzakis: “Three kinds of souls, three prayers: 1. I am a bow in your hands, Lord. Draw me, lest I rot. 2. Do not overdraw me, Lord. I shall break. 3. Overdraw me, Lord, and who cares if I break.”

Poisoned Fruit: Why Fake News Hurts our Catholic Faith

As Pope Francis shares, constant contamination by deceptive language can end up darkening our interior life. So how can we fight this? How can we stop fake news? And how can we encourage the spread of what is true and beautiful? When we receive information?

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