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Easter Fools for Christ

Alleluia! The Lord is risen! Truly He is risen, alleluia! This year, Easter Sunday falls on April Fools Day What are we to make of this chronological coincidence? Is God pranking us?

The Meaning and Practice of Penance

Penance offers us a unique opportunity to grow in our Christian life by taking up our cross and “dying to sin”. Penance is not a method or means toward self-perfection, but rather a joyful response to the gift of God’s life.

A Gift Received

I love receiving gifts. I think most people do. My expectations aren’t very high these days, so I was pleasantly surprised with all the gifts I received this past Christmas. Even though it was probably the least I have received at Christmas all my life.

Christmas: the Gift of True Peace

Christmas time is all about giving presents. This giving is not only of material things, but it is the giving of ourselves. Letting people know that we care and cherish them.