The Catechetical Office, which used to be part of the Office for the New Evangelisation, is now an independent office called Office for Catechesis (OFC).

Catechetical director Fr Erbin Fernandez announced this at the launch of the new Catechetical Year on Jan 3. He explained that the move was to allow the office to focus more on catechetical matters and better serve those involved in catechesis, which includes the RCIA and Liturgy of the Word (LOWC) ministries.

In his address, Guest-of-honour Archbishop William Goh focused on the theme, Discipleship is Communion. He felt that the main weaknesses in catechesis are a lack of discipleship and a lack of community. He emphasised that discipleship requires mentorship, which means catechists must look at their whole way of life, and that the key to catechesis is bringing catechumens into communion with Jesus in the context of community.

Archbishop Goh suggested ways to build authentic Christian communities in parishes such as getting parents involved in catechesis, and catechists learning to share and work more with each other.

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