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25 JULY, 2017, Tuesday, St James, Apostle

EMPTYING ONESELF FOR TRUE SERVICE IS A GRADUAL PROCESS Selfless and humble service is a process. This is not something that we come to understand or attain overnight. Yet, there is no way to grow in humility in service unless we start serving. It is in the practice that our true character will manifest itself. Otherwise, we live in our own imaginary world thinking how humble, patient, forgiving and loving we are till we are put to the test.

24 JULY, 2017, Monday, 16th Week, Ordinary Time

FAITH OVERCOMES FEAR AND DOUBT God is not against us seeking signs because the act of faith must be responsible. So the Lord is not asking us to make an irrational act of faith. The signs have been given. Now we must make an act of faith to see the fullness of the power of God.

Best Practices for Using the Daily Scripture Reflections
  • Encounter God through the spirit of prayer and the scripture by reflecting and praying the Word of God daily. The purpose is to bring you to prayer and to a deeper union with the Lord on the level of the heart.
  • Daily reflections when archived will lead many to accumulate all the reflections of the week and pray in one sitting. This will compromise your capacity to enter deeply into the Word of God, as the tendency is to read for knowledge rather than a prayerful reading of the Word for the purpose of developing a personal and affective relationship with the Lord.
  • It is more important to pray deeply, not read widely. The current reflections of the day would be more than sufficient for anyone who wants to pray deeply and be led into an intimacy with the Lord.

Note: You may share this reflection with someone. However, please note that reflections are not archived online, nor will they be available via email request.