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26 SEPTEMBER, 2018, Wednesday, 25th Week, Ordinary Time

CONTENTMENT IS THE KEY TO A SELFLESS AND FRUITFUL LIFE The ideal life is one of moderation, neither rich or poor. This keeps us dependent on God and not too secure or attached to anything. This was how Jesus instructed His disciples to live. So long as we have the basic needs of life, food, accommodation and clothing, we should be contented and happy. The real joy of life is when we are not overly preoccupied with our material needs but are able to give ourselves in total freedom to the service of others without expecting any return or rewards, because the joy in service itself is already the reward.

25 SEPTEMBER, 2018, Tuesday, 25th Week, Ordinary Time

GETTING NEAR TO THE LORD In many ways, like the mother and brothers of Jesus, we want to get near to the Lord. Why is it that many of us cannot get near to Him? We feel that God is too far away and we cannot feel Him. We think there are too many obstacles that prevent us from coming near to Him. What could be the reasons why we cannot come near to the Lord?

Best Practices for Using the Daily Scripture Reflections
  • Encounter God through the spirit of prayer and the scripture by reflecting and praying the Word of God daily. The purpose is to bring you to prayer and to a deeper union with the Lord on the level of the heart.
  • Daily reflections when archived will lead many to accumulate all the reflections of the week and pray in one sitting. This will compromise your capacity to enter deeply into the Word of God, as the tendency is to read for knowledge rather than a prayerful reading of the Word for the purpose of developing a personal and affective relationship with the Lord.
  • It is more important to pray deeply, not read widely. The current reflections of the day would be more than sufficient for anyone who wants to pray deeply and be led into an intimacy with the Lord.

Note: You may share this reflection with someone. However, please note that reflections are not archived online, nor will they be available via email request.

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