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Prayer Intentions 2017

Our task, as Pope John Paul II in Novo Millennio Ineunte wrote, is “to reflect the light of Christ in every historical period, to make his face shine also before the generations of the new millennium. “Without prayer our work will become sterile and mundane, lacking vitality and joy. With prayer, our work becomes a vocation; our offices a place of joy, of fraternal love, a place where we proclaim the joy of the gospel to each other and to the world. “Our Christian communities must become genuine “schools” of prayer, where the meeting with Christ is expressed not just in imploring help but also in thanksgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening and ardent devotion, until the heart truly “falls in love”. Intense prayer, yes, but it does not distract us from our commitment to history: by opening our heart to the love of God it also opens it to the love of our brothers and sisters, and makes us capable of shaping history according to God’s plan.” (NMI, 33)

Excerpts from Archbishop William’s pastoral letter, An Invitation to Prayer at Work

As Church, let us join Archbishop William in praying for these intentions on his heart!

January: Christian Unity
That all Christians leaders remain faithful to Christ and continue to work for the unity of all disciples of Christ.

February: Comfort for the Afflicted
That the poor and marginalised will find a home in our communities.

March: Unity in the Church
That all Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious and lay people will work together in ecclesial communion, generously and selflessly in order to build up the Universal Church.

April: Young People
That Young People will courageously respond to God’s invitation to the priesthood or consecrated life.

May: Harmony and Respect among Religions
That Religious Leaders will continue to nurture a culture of mutual respect, trust and understanding amongst the different faiths in the world, and that those without faith will be able to find peace in these troubled times.

June: Sick & Suffering
That all who are sick and suffering may feel the closeness of the Lord and be comforted and consoled through their caregivers and families.

July: Come Home Catholics
That all who have been away from the faith may rediscover the Lord’s tenderness and not be afraid to return to the Catholic Church.

August: Our Nation
That all who hold public office be granted wisdom to work for the continued peace, unity and stability of our Nation.

September: Parishes
That all in our Parishes, will work together in unity and love in collaboration for the work of the New Evangelisation.

October: Missionary Zeal
That all Christians may seek to live the Joy of the Gospel and be a witness in their families, communities and workplaces.

November: Family Life
That all families will value the gifts of marriage and the family, and to persevere in virtues of patience, generosity and fidelity.

December: Elderly
That the young will continue to accept and appreciate the Elderly as they share their wisdom to nurture and form the younger generations.