Archbishop William Goh was appointed head of the S’pore Church a year ago. We speak to him one year on and get comments from various Catholics on what he has done.

Almost on time, he walks into the meeting room at the Archbishop’s House where the interview with CatholicNews is to be held.

“Do you want a drink? Coffee? Tea?” he asks me. I decline.

Heading to his seat, he is about to sit down when he decides that he should still get a drink for me and goes to the pantry.

“Ah, this bishop…” his personal assistant murmurs in mild amusement.

Throughout the hour-long interview (with a cup of tea for each of us now), it became obvious that Archbishop Goh, who took charge of the Singapore archdiocese a year ago on May 18, is confident of his plans for the Singapore Church.

Yet at the same time, he exudes humility when he speaks of these, insisting that he is “still the same person, the same priest, the same Fr William Goh”.

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