A note from our dear Shepherd:

As I complete the last day of the third year of my episcopate as the Archbishop of Singapore, I want to praise and thank God for guiding me through all these years. Every year in office has been a challenging year without exception. Without His grace and mercy I would not have been able to discharge my office responsibly with passion and enthusiasm.

Many times, I feel like giving up but the Lord has stood by me in the face of opposition and misunderstandings. I know that it would not be possible for me to undertake this office and continue to believe in the dream of the Universal Church, ours and mine for this Archdiocese, if not for the many people the Lord has sent to help me.

Many priests have given me support and understanding and stood by me even when they had to suffer with me. Many laity from all walks of life, influential and ordinary people, rich and poor alike, have supported me in different ways. Most of all, I know that many have prayed for me every day without fail so that I can be faithful to the tasks the Lord has entrusted to me.

For your fraternal support, love and prayers, I am very grateful. I continue to work tirelessly towards renewing our Catholic community in the faith and particularly to strengthen the unity among Catholics from different parishes to work together as one church for the greater glory of God. Please continue to pray with me, work with me and encourage each other in this great work of renewing the Church of Christ in Singapore.

With deep appreciation and gratitude,
Archbishop William Goh

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