It is my hope that the Church will sustain and grow in Singapore so that all Catholics will benefit.”

Archbishop William Goh made this statement at a conference at the Catholic Junior College on June 21.

Over 300 representatives of archdiocesan organisations had gathered for the event to listen to the archbishop’s 10-year pastoral plan for the local Church. On May 3, he had met with representatives of parish ministries.

In his address, Archbishop Goh also highlighted the areas that have opportunities for growth, with certain issues like marriages, where the Catholic percentage of divorces is higher than the national average; in Catholic schools, to recapture a creative evangelistic spirit and Catholic ethos; and in catechesis, where youth and neophytes leave after Confirmation or baptism.

The archbishop also noted how the Catholic migrants “give us a false feeling of complacency”.

“Our churches are full, yes, but easily about half are migrants,” he said. “I always have the impression that the migrants are filling up the churches for us, more than our evangelical zeal.”

To solve this issue, Archbishop Goh said, “We cannot run the Catholic Church as if it’s a corporate organisation. Everybody must have a place in the Church.”

The archbishop’s pastoral vision is to build an evangelistic and missionary Church.

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