With access to social media platforms and other communication channels at our fingertips, so many of us are quick to share our latest sightings and fresh sentiments with our friends. It can happen almost instantaneously – “I see it, I post it”.

This behavioural pattern has in some way, influenced the way we live our lives and navigate through our relationships. The conditioning of instantaneous response to stimuli has caused us to be quick to share what is revealed to us in our conversations with one another, hasn’t it? Don’t you catch yourself almost… “itching” to share what you’ve just heard of from your friend?

Why is that so? What are we in search of, when we share this information? Does it come from our desire to feel important? Is it our inability to sit with the discomfort of knowing something that others might not know of? Does it come from our desire to “fix” the situation, and that is why we seek to discuss possible solutions?

What kind of friends are we, if we exhibit tattletale-like behaviour around our peers who trust us so much, that they choose to let down their guard to pour their hearts out to us? We are called to walk with one another in love and charity; to support one another in our weaknesses and to intercede for one another. What this means, is to keep confidential what is shared with us too. Afterall, who are we to share someone else’s story?

In Ecclesiasticus 6:14-16, it reads “A faithful friend is a sure shelter, whoever finds one has found a rare treasure. A faithful friend is something beyond price, there is no measuring his worth. A faithful friend is the elixir of life, and those who fear the Lord will find one.”

Indeed, that is the kind of friend that the Lord desires to give to us. However, it is also the kind of friend that we should seek to be for one another. Let us be a place of safety for each other. May we seek to love one another as Christ loves, with the grace of God to help us in this endeavour.

By Sharleen Chia

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