“Indeed, as we watch this video we have much to thank God for. So many things and events have happened in our lives in 2017; for all these blessings, we want to give praise and thanks to God!

Let us continue to work hard together as One Church. We have much to do for the church in Singapore, and not only for our Church but also for the community beyond. And so, we need to work together as one, to collaborate and to use whatever resources we have. The work of the church cannot be done by just a few people – everyone must play their part.

We thank you all. The Church is what it is today because of the many people who have given their time, contribution and support.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Continue to pray for us, as I continue to pray for you all. I hold you in my heart and may the good Lord bless all of you.”


We give Thee Thanks!

We thank God as one Church for 2017 and look forward to the New Year with renewed spirit! So let us reflect, offer praise and thanks for the many gifts that He has given us. May we grow together as One Church – Vibrant. Missionary. Evangelistic.

We walked together, prayed for one another, served our sick and elderly, gathered as one people, restored our cathedral, ignited our hearts, shared our joy, worshiped in unity, celebrated as one body, deepened our understanding, sough forgiveness, rallied in His spirit, enjoyed new friendships, laughed in fellowship, encouraged one another, built a new Church, knocked on new doors, blessed new spaces, dedicated our community, welcomed Our Lady of Fatima, asked of our lady’s intercession, responded to His love, received communion, interceded for peace, ministered to one another, returned to the Novena Church, consecrated our halls, proclaimed his sacrifice, reflected His glory, strengthened the bridges of harmony, gave to those in need, worked as one, connected with our migrants, sang praises together, followed Jesus our saviour.

We give thanks for a fruitful 2017!

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