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Share your testimony

Guidelines to preparing your Story:

  1. Gratitude: Pause for a moment and recollect as you look back on your Christian journey.
    Gratitude brings about remembrance on what the Lord has done for you
  2. Be genuine and expressive: Write your story as if talking to a friend
  3. Be specific: There should be a simple storyline to your testimony.
    – Before: What was your life like before you encountered Christ?
    – During: How did you meet Christ?
    – After: What difference has following Christ made? 
  4. Flesh out your story as you share boldly on what Christ has done for you (e.g write from a first person perspective, using ‘I’ instead of third person pronouns ‘she’, ‘they’, ‘we’. Keep it simple by using simple words and sentences.
  5. Be realistic. Encountering Christ does not remove all of life’s problems. Rather, it gives you the fortitude and perseverance needed in life’s journey as a Christian
  6. Include Bible verses, quotes from the Saints, Popes or religious if it helps you to better relate your experience to your audience
  7. Your ending matters. What would you leave your audience with? What is one key takeaway for your audience? (e.g. God is rich in mercy and forgiveness, to never lose hope. Christ is real! ..etc)

 *These guidelines are to help you in writing your personal conversion story, not to restrict you.

Your story is not a means to an end. Rather, it serves as a good starting point to be acquainted with your own conversion story. Prepare your story and know it well, so that you can pick the relevant parts to share with a friend who is interested in the faith.

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