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“HE has changed me…”

Trading Ashes for Beauty

I was watching the outside roll past like in a movie scene and I thought: How beautiful, this Singapore. How impressive, how well-planned, how attractive… and yet, how impermanent, all of these.

Learning to be the man that God created me to be

I am married and experience same sex attraction (SSA). Yes, my wife knows about my attractions. No, I don’t have a secret boyfriend behind my wife’s back. And yes, it’s a heterosexual marriage. While marriage isn’t the cure or redemption to SSA, I could only give of myself entirely in marriage after a long process of redemption, conversion and surrendering my areas of woundedness and darkness to God.

Father Wounds

This is a story about my relationship with my father. When I was little, I knew my daddy loved me deeply.

Carried by the Father’s Love

I was never a passionate Catholic at young age. Born a cradle Catholic, I never liked the early morning on Sunday for Catechism nor mass, which was seemingly boring for me.

A beloved son of God

I am 21 this year and a participant from School Of Witness 2017. I come from a family of seven, made up of my parents, three brothers and a sister.

Never too old to embrace the Catholic Faith

I was born and grew up in a kampong in the Upper Serangoon Road area. In my time, it was a common practice for many families to be professing two different faiths and practise ancestral worship. This was what I faced in my growing up years.