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Seven Myths About Catholic Evangelisation

Although evangelisation is a core activity of the Catholic life, a lot of Catholics today don’t understand what it entails. Having been involved in Catholic evangelisation for a quarter of a century, I’ve encountered many evangelisation-related myths. There’s seven common ones you should definitely know, and how to bust them, too.

Five signs you should attend a Young Adults Retreat

Recently, I attended the TREASURE Young Adults Encounter retreat, where I took on the role of a small group facilitator. On the surface, it may seem like I sacrificed my weekends to help out, but in truth, I received so much from the Lord. The Holy Spirit was the one doing the hard work – raking away stubborn weeds and sowing seeds of truths in our hearts.

Leaders: You plan > pray?

We plan more than we pray. I am guilty of that. Most of us are. As leaders in ministry, we are all aware of the endless lists of to-dos that are on our list. The people that we have to reach out to, recruit new members, train/teach current members, prepare sessions, journey/mentor younger leaders, pray... etc.

Hearts like His

You’re always hurt most by those closest to you. The sharpest knives are wielded by family, religious brothers, or intimate friends, for they have a particular access to our hearts that is born of the strength of the bond between us.

Being right is so much easier than being truly empathetic and human

There is a great struggle that goes on inside people who are predisposed to righteousness. God, the bible tells us, is righteous. And because that is the case, we human beings who are made in his image and likeness, will find ourselves gravitating towards righteousness. Together with the call to holiness and sanctity and perfection, lies the call to be righteous as well. When this is insufficiently understood, it can become a great stumbling block for many people.

A Vow of stability: A Call To Commitment in an age of choice

Recently, while traveling for business, I was tired after a long day and so began scrolling through the channels on the hotel television. Because there was next to nothing worth watching on the hundreds of channels available, I finally settled on a mildly interesting house hunting show.

Strangers No More

A few years ago, I joined a Neighbourhood Christian Community. There were people of all ages and backgrounds. I yearned for authentic and meaningful conversations, a space to share my faith and life with others.

Should you date while discerning?

It’s one of the toughest struggles, especially for a young person seeking to do the will of God in their lives, to adequately discern a religious vocation while desiring to date. I tried to walk that line in college and failed more than a few times, hurting several friends in the process.