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It’s Time to Let Go

Are you one who treasures having control over your situations? Life is filled with many unknowns and situations that require leaps of faith and trust in God. What will your response be?

Many Catholic Shrines & Pilgrimage Sites In Asia

Many of us will at this time of the year plan a holiday that we have been waiting for since 2019 began. Seoul and Osaka are popular destinations for shopping and food while Bali is known for providing a time of relaxation and rest. As you plan your itinerary, why not consider visiting some Catholic sites that can build your faith too?

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NOV 2019 – Chancery Notice Extracts (2)

November 4th, 2019|

CHN/CN/2019/018 - ALERT: IRREGULARITIES ABOUT DONATION DRIVE by a man known as Benediktus Yakobus Ratuwalu, a.k.a 'Benito' or 'Beny Ratuwalu' who has been soliciting donations, claiming to be operating as a priest under the Missionary Society of the Divine Word (SVD). The faithful are advised not to contribute to or support in any way these fundraising activities, due to the uncertain nature of Ratuwalu 's canonical status and the lack of accountability he has shown in this initiative.

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