You can make a Difference

Make a donation to help enable the work of the Church by giving to this cause! Since 1821, the Church has been instrumental in the development of society in Singapore. Be a part of the Church’s ongoing mission to reach more people!

Your generosity goes to the funding of the JoySG50 event which was held on 4th July 2015 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Partner the Church to realise New Evangelisation in Singapore!


Above details are correct as at 1 Aug 2015. Visit #JoySG50 website here.

Make a Gift Now!

By Cheque

1) Please make cheques payable to:

   ‘TRCAS’ or ‘The Titular R C Archbishop of Singapore

2) Write this at the back of the cheque:


3) Place the completed cheque in an envelope and mail it to:

      Archbishop’s House – Finance Dept
      31 Victoria Street,
      Singapore 187997

4) Please include your full name, mailing address and contact number at the back of the cheque, in order for us to send you an acknowledgement of receipt.

5) Please note that donations are non tax-deductible.

 *Please note that if more funds are raised than what is needed for JoySG50, then these funds will be applied to similar Archdiocesan events and/or for evangelisation.

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